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Meter has been written to operate in a manner as simple and logical as possible. But there are a large number of options and variables involved and designing even a simple scale is sometimes a confusing task. The usual method of designing a new scale is to start with an existing design and modify it to suit the new requirements. This manual for Meter walks the reader through a startup process and then discusses the various options.

Available at Meter's startup is a design Wizard. This routine walks the user through the design process one step at a time. At each step, graphics are used to illustrate the input options being requested at that point. Minimum and maximum allowable entries are shown along with recommended values. After this straightforward 22-step process the next screen then allows adjusting the negotiable items by simply clicking on "up/down" arrows so that a pleasing appearance can be achieved. The result is a single scale that can then be added onto and polished using any of the tools in Meter's toolbox. This manual has been written as a stand-alone item illustrating the Wizard and covers in detail the steps involved. (The Design Wizard is not available in MeterBasic.)

The App Note describes in detail with closeup photos how to design and attach the printed scale onto the meter's plate. This process is not obvious and it is hoped that this App Note will clarify that aspect of making a meterscale.