Tonne Software

An uncommon catalog
of original and interesting
electrical-engineering programs

These programs have been designed to work on Windows® operating systems from Win XP up to and including Win 10. If you find any routines or subroutines that do not operate properly please report that to Tonne Software.

In addition, they appear to install and run on Macs using the Wine software available free from Just execute the install.exe programs using Wine and the executables will be installed under
(user)/.wine/drive_c/Program Files.


the Windows® electrical filter design and analysis program handling all of the usual options (family, topology, bandwidth, etc.). It has a very nice toolbox including real-time tuning modes, Monte Carlo, optimization and much more! Printed outputs are presentation quality.

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the Windows® meterscale drawing program to allow you to design and print professional-quality meter scales on your printer. Nice options include the ability to import a graphic (and resize and place it where you want), make a modern-looking "flattened" scale, use seriff or sans-serif fonts of any size and specify the scale colors. And lots more!

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Active Lowpass Designer

This Windows® program expedites the design and analysis of active lowpass filters. Analysis of magnitude, phase and delay is integral to the program. Interesting transient response and Monte Carlo gain plotting routines as well as an optimizer based on entered limits. Odd-order filters do not need a separate single-pole opamp. 3 OCT 2021

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a specialized Windows® filter design and analysis program designed to expedite the design of lowpass and highpass filters using Standard Value Components (nearest-5% values).

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a specialized Windows® filter design and analysis program for the serious radio amateur to expedite the design and analysis of optimized amateur-band transmitter output lowpass filters.

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a Windows® program to help you design and analyze helical-resonator bandpass filters, usually used in the VHF and UHF frequency ranges.

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a Windows® program to allow you to design and analyze PI-L matching networks.

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a Windows® program to allow you to design and analyze diplexer networks.

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This Windows® program replaces the classic paper version of the Smith Chart. The load end of a network can be specified regarding the R and jX values, up to five elements from the component library can then be installed between the load and the generator. Then going to the analysis page allows tuning or editing the network values to achieve a match, in the usual manner. The complete system can be saved (and later recalled).

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an interactive Windows® program to allow you to design and analyze active allpass networks used for single-sideband signal generation. Accepts orders from two to ten, specified operating frequency range and analysis frequency range. Reveals sideband suppression, chain angles and angle differences. The program has a component-tuning mode. Arbitrary components may be used, or nearest 1% or 5% values and results seen. Writes LTspice file.

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an interactive Windows® program to allow you to design RF amplifiers using the single-ended Class E topology.

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