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The Windows ® program for designing Class E amplifiers

This program simplifies the design of the single-ended class E amplifier. Operation is intuitive and encourages circuit exploration.

We are now at revision 2.06.

  • Each of the six design parameters can be specified using a freeform entry scheme.

  • Each of those parameters can be "tuned" by clicking on the up and down buttons; see the graphic below. This allows instant feedback regarding what parameter affects what schematic trait.

  • Each parameter has a default value and entries are checked to reduce the probability of ridiculous results.

  • As an option the program will read a user-entered load value and match the amplifier to that value of load using an added L-network.

  • Data are written automatically to a "last session" file at program exit time, allowing a simplified program restart.

  • The program also writes a schematic (.ASC) file to drive the LTspice simulator from Linear Technology. (Tonne Software has no connection with Linear Technology.)

This program uses the revised equations presented in "QEX" for Jan/Feb 2001. They are close to but seem to be more accurate than the more-commonly used set of equations presented in "RF Design" for Summer, 1980.

Alan Melia, G3NYK, has written a paper using a spreadsheet approach.

Greg Adams at CircuitSage has written a MathCad routine. (This is a PDF file.)

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The design screen

LTspice screen
"ClassE" design screen LTspice screen
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