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Download page for "MeterBasic"

MeterBasic is a hobbyist-level meterscale drawing program with no usage or time limitations and requiring no key to operate. However, it has only some of the numerous useful capabilities of Meter. Go to the Meter page to see what it can do.

Click on the Download MeterBasic button below to get MeterBasic. The downloaded file is supplied as self-extracting 32-bit Windows® file with a size of about 4.7 MB.

MeterBasic operates with an interface nearly identical to its big brother Meter. But the user will quickly see what is being missed by noticing the inoperative option buttons on many of the screens.

Designs done with MeterBasic can be read by Meter.

Please notice that Meter and MeterBasic are completely separate programs. Purchasing the key for Meter does not upgrade MeterBasic; it enables Meter to function.