Tonne Software

The Standard-Value-Component filter design and analysis program

Current revision is 2.12; revision history is at the bottom of this page

SVCfilter™ is a program designed to expedite the design and analysis of lowpass (and highpass) filters with nearest 5% Standard-Value Components.

Here are some pertinent features:

Design screen:

Output screen:

Updated to 2.12- fonts and buttons upgraded
Updated to 2.11- interface upgrades
Updated to 2.10- add Exit button to Display page
Updated to 2.09- upgrade Design page appearance, improve Spice schematic file writer
Updated to 2.08- lowered minimum bandwidth down to .1 Hz so that "1/PI" can be used for the bandwidth. This allows "normalized" (one ohm impedance level, one radian/second bandwidth) values to be obtained.
Updated to 2.07- extensive Design page formatting revisions
Updated to 1.06- improved plot capabilities
Updated to 1.05- extensive max/min value limits, updates to error traps and screen headers
Updated to 1.04- add schematic with ideal parts values to the top of the design page, Bessel family, time display to cursor on plot
Updated to 1.03- add Cauer 30 dB stopband depth option, tuning buttons, cursor-controlled data readout, Bessel and Tonne families
Updated to 1.02- add hardcopy output and Elsie filewriter
Released as 1.01 1 August 2006