Tonne Software: RevLoad

The Windows ® program to reveal the load on the output of a matching network

This graphics-intensive program reveals the load on the output of a matching-network, based on measurements of the components in that network. Adjust the network (tuner) for a flat input, measure or look up the network component values and you will immmediately see the R and jX values of the load on the network, presented as both a schematic with the component values and as a Smith Chart normalized to the specified system impedance.

Enter the operating frequency, system impedance, network topology and its component values. Returned are the R and jX values for the load on the output of the network.

The program will reveal the R and jX values which the network can handle, by entering the minimum and maximum values of the components.

The program handles all eight commonly-used network topologies, including all four (highpass and lowpasss) L-networks, highpass and lowpass T-networks and highpass and lowpass PI-networks.

Current version is 2.03; size is 1.4 MB