Elsie the filter program

The Windows ® program for electrical filter design and analysis

Elsie™ is an uncommon commercial-grade lumped-element ("L-C") electrical filter design and network analysis program, directed toward the engineer, technician or hobbyist involved in that line of work.

Here are screen dumps from the program illustrating some of the outputs to the screen. Click on them to see larger versions; use your browser's BACK button to return.

Design menu
Design menu

Analysis menu
Analysis menu

Plot showing transmission and return
Plot S21 & S11

Transmission with limits
S21 with limits

Transmission with limits and markers
S21, limits, markers

Transmission and delay
S21, delay

Normal Smith Chart
Smith Chart

Magnified Smith Chart
Smith 2x, markers

Illustrating a tuning mode
Tuning mode

A tone-burst
Tone burst

Envelope of tone-burst
Envelope of burst

How schematic is presented on-screen

Circuit editor screen
Circuit editor

Tabulated output
Tabulated output

Normalized value display
Normalized values

Monte Carlo while running
Monte Carlo running

Monte Carlo stopped
Monte Carlo stopped

Modulation response of a bandpass
Modulation response

Inductor specification
Inductor specs

Overlay example - various orders
Saving overlays

Tuning passband ripple
Tuning passband ripple