Tonne Software

The Windows ® program
for diplexer design and analysis

Current revision is 2.14; revision history is at the bottom of this page

Here are some pertinent features:

OK This program expedites the design of lumped-element diplexers using the lowpass/highpass topology.

OK Here are the highlights of this program:

Here are screen dumps from the program illustrating some of the outputs to the screen. Click on them to see larger versions; use your browser's BACK button to return.

Design screen:

Output screen:

Updated to 2.14 - added multiple LTspice file writers; added markers to printout; graphics refinements.

Updated to 2.13 - significant rewrite and upgrade of nearly the entire program.

Updated to 2.12 - renamed buttons from Spice to LTspice.

Updated to 2.11 - clarified/expanded entries.

Updated to 2.10 - complete rewrite of the user interface for both the lowpass/highpass type and the bandpass/bandstop type

Updated to 2.09 - allow the user to enter up to five marker frequencies

Updated to 2.08 - lowered minimum-allowed crossover frequency to go as low as .1Hz to allow determining normalized (one ohm, one radian/second) values

Updated to 2.07 - added LTspice schematic routine to Bandpass/Bandstop version

Updated to 2.06 - added LTspice schematic routine to Highpass/Lowpass version

Updated to 2.05 - extended frequency range to 10 Hz-10GHz

Updated to 2.04 - added bandpass/bandstop topology.

Updated to 2.03 - added plotting for return loss.

Updated to 2.02 - added plotting for transmission. This also allowed the tuning of various items to be added.

Released as 2.01 - December 2005