Radio station

These photos were taken the end of March and start of April of 2008:
(September 2008 below)

Before the tower failure:

Usually the gates are closed and locked

One of the balls is in the mud; one you see is on the towerbase.

Usually towers get an occasional paint job

The lock on tower one

The lock on tower two

The lock on tower three

After the tower failure:

Lines at building cut

Tuning house closeup

Two towers in background

Control room, looking to the left

Control room, the console

Transmitter room, left of BC5P

Transmitter room, BC5P

Power meter as of March 25th 2008

Power meter as of April 7 2008

Tower three area

For sale

From tower two back to transmitter building

Following photos are circa September 2008:

Tower one

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